Quinte Botanical Gardens
What People Are Saying

During our first full year, we were overwhelmed by such positive feedback from visitors, and must say a heartfelt thank you for your taking the time to write to us. It truly helps to encourage us and confirms that we’re on the right track in building the gardens. Gardens help people and we are so happy that the QBG are enjoyed by so many. Thank you, everyone, for your comments. We wish you peace and joy in your lives.

“Can’t believe how beautiful it is here.”

“What an immense amount of work you've done!”

“We loved it, and our children loved it even more!”

“Hats off to all the hard work, it looks beautiful!”

“I can't believe these gardens are here!”

“Enjoyed all of it! Great place for a family.”

“Love the design and trees!”
“We loved your gardens! And learned about farm crops!”

“I use a walker, so being able to stroll through gardens is great!”

“We enjoyed all of it, thank you for your kindness with our dog.”

“You've done a great job, will only improve from now on.”

“Loved the Oriental and Bird, Bee, Butterfly gardens!”

“Our children told us about the QBG - so glad they did!”

“You've done so much work, the details are delightful!”
“We all had a great time, and will return.”

“We're telling everyone about the QBG!”

“Thank you for making these gardens!”

“We all loved it, and learned things!”

“We didn't want to leave! Beautiful gardens!”

“What a great place, we're coming again!”

“What a peaceful place this is, and so welcoming.”
“We thoroughly enjoyed our walk! So glad these botanical gardens are made here!”

“Everyone enjoyed themselves, lots of room for the bus, and we'll be back again.”

“Great project, enjoyed all. Nice to be able to be outside, and walking at our own leisure.“

“Wonderful, had a great time. We visit gardens everywhere when on vacation.”

“It is wonderful that these gardens are here in our area, good for the economy.”

“A diamond in the rough! We did not expect such beauty created in our area!”

“We drove here from Niagara just to see your gardens - well worth it!”
“We loved everything! Beautiful layout and flowers.”

“Fantastic gardens, a lot of work went into this.”

“We came as soon as we heard the news! Well done!”

“Loved your gardens, thank you for making this.”

“I can't believe the details of all the beautiful gardens!”

“We're spreading the word about the QBG! Well worth it!”

“Beautiful gardens, love each of them, all different.”
“We enjoyed the lovely stroll, so many interesting plants!”

“Love everything you've done, interesting and informative.”

“It is so beautiful here, there's nothing like this in the area.”

“We've been waiting/watching for you to open since reading the news.”

“What a lovely thing to do on a Sunday - visit gardens!”

“Can't believe you did all this, even with a wet spring.”

“Lovely walk, saw everything, great Colour Wheel Garden!”
“We loved every garden!”

“You have done a wonderful job!”

“Fascinating variety of trees!”

“This place is awesome!”

“Enjoyed a lovely walk today.”

“Never seen such a great edible garden!”

“We didn't think the gardens would be this beautiful!”
“What a lovely stroll, so peaceful.”

“Absolutely wonderful gardens!”

“Thrilled about the Memorial Garden.”

“What a great place to de-stress!”

“There's nothing like this in the area.”

“Great place, we're bringing our friends!”

“Fantastic place! Enjoyed all of it.”