Quinte Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens have been permanently closed due to the passing of Deanna Groves.
She had the passion, vision and commitment for these gardens to become a reality, but without her,
there can be no Quinte Botanical Gardens.
I would like to sincerely thank all the people who have helped and supported us over the
all too brief existence of these gardens.
John Riedl

Enjoy six acres of unique garden displays with extraordinary plant combinations. An outdoor, healthy attraction, you can enjoy nature at it's best. Each garden offers interesting insight to the world of plants. Connect with nature, learn about horticulture, or journey through the gardens at your own pace.

Some of the gardens include a Bee, Bird Butterfly Garden, an Oriental Garden, and a romantic Rose Garden.

Wander...learn...unwind...relax... at the Quinte Botanical Gardens.

Our sister company, The Garden Place
is also permanently closed,
but the site shall remain open as a testimonial to Deanna Groves.

Constance Spry Rose

Site updated Dec. 13, 2022