Quinte Botanical Gardens
Health Benefits

During our research on the reasons why people love gardening or love visiting gardens, we discovered the significant amount of health benefits related to gardening. It is clearly evident that gardening isn't just a hobby anymore.

Barely touching the tip of the iceberg, there are an incredible amount of physical and psychological benefits of gardening or being in a garden. Below is a list of some of the articles we have accumulated.

Helping people feel better, encouraging them to get outside more often, interacting with others, and sharing their own experiences, are a few of the reasons why we were motivated to create our gardens.

More information will follow as we uncover the multitude of health benefits about gardens. We view the creation of our botanical gardens as an opportunity to help people by being proactive as well as reactive, and extend an open invitation to people or organizations who could further the cause with ideas or suggestions, including documentation on proven results.

Collectively, we believe it is our serious responsibility to report and act on methods that may lead to new ways of helping people.

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